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True Artist Watercolor Box

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I believe we are all created to create! There’s a True Artist in you, waiting to be found, or rediscovered. If you’re new to watercolor, a seasoned artist or looking to return to your art this is a perfect fresh start.

I often get asked about my favorite tools to use in my studio. I have sourced all my favorite, go-to Watercolor tools and placed them in this sweet box.

Happy Painting, dear friend!

I cannot wait to see what lands on your stack of beautiful paper.

True Artist Watercolor Box includes :

~ 8  Pieces of Watercolor And Mixed Media paper. ranging in size (hot press, cold press, mixed media, 140lb)

~One True cotton x Studio M pencil Zipper Pouch - in 'butter' color

~One synthetic No.4 watercolor brush

~One Generals’ Layout Pencil

~One Phano white China (Resistor)Marker Pencil

~One True Cotton Black ink click pen

~One small tin holding 6 Watercolor half-pans of paint(my fav and most used 6 colors)

~One mini booklet on the basics of watercolor

~One True Artist sticker

For personal use only.

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